A to Z of Eye Drops

A to Z of Eye Drops


Chloramphenicol: antibiotic for conjunctivitis
Exocin: antibiotic for corneal infection
Levofloxacin: antibiotic for corneal infection
Fucithalmic: antibiotic for conjunctivitis
Genticin: antibiotic for corneal infection
Neosporin: anti fungal preparation
Soframycin: anti fungal preparation


Alphagan: glaucoma drop
Azopt: glaucoma drop
Betagan: glaucoma drop
Betoptic: glaucoma drop
Cosopt: glaucoma drop
Ganforte: glaucoma drop (new generation)
Iopidine: glaucoma drop
Lumigan: glaucoma drop (new generation)
Pilocarpine: glaucoma drop (less used now)
Propine: glaucoma drop (less used now)
Trusopt: glaucoma drop
Timoptol: glaucoma drop
Teoptic: glaucoma drop
Travatan: glaucoma drop (new generation)
Xalatan: glaucoma drop (new generation)
Xalacom: glaucoma drop (new generation)

Anti – inflammatories:

Alomide: non steroidal used in allergies
Acular: non steroidal
Betnesol: steroid
Betnesol – N: steroid / antibiotic preparation
Emadine: non steroidal used in allergies
FML: weak steroid
Livostin: non steroidal used in allergies
Maxidex: strong steroid
Maxitrol: steroid / antibiotic preparation
Opatanol: non steroidal used in allergies
Opticrom: non steroidal used in allergies
Optilast: non steroidal used in allergies
Otrivine: non steroidal used in allergies
Pred Forte: strongest steroid
Predsol: weak steroid
Predsol – N: steroid / antibiotic preparation
Rapitil: non steroidal used in allergies
Sofradex: steroid / antibiotic preparation
Tobradex: steroid / antibiotic preparation
Vexol: weak steroid
Voltarol: non steroidal

Remember steroid drops should only be used under the supervision of an ophthalmologist.

Dry eye preparations:

Celluvisc severe dry eye (preservative free)
Clinitas severe / moderate dry eye
Hyloforte severe /moderate dry eye
Gel tears moderate dry eye
Hypromellose mild dry eye
Hypotears mild dry eye
Ilube mild dry eye with excess mucous
Liquifilm mild / moderate dry eye
Lacrilube ointment for at night
Sno -tears mild / moderate dry eye
Tears naturale mild dry eye
Viscotears severe dry eye (preservative free avail)

Dilating drops:

Atropine: long acting post op drop
Cyclopentolate: used in iritis
Phenylephrine: used in clinic
Tropicamide: used in clinic