This is an inflammation of the eyelids. It causes irritation and crusting of the lashes and lid margins. The eye may be red , sore and watery.

The best way to treat blepharitis is with ‘lid hygiene’:

Lid hygiene:

  1. Mix a solution of 4 drops of baby shampoo with a quarter cup of warm water (boiled and then cooled).
    Dip a clean cotton bud into the solution and use the tip to rub across the lid margin at the root of your eyelashes to remove any crusting.
  2. Or
    There are a number of preparations on the market for lid hygiene eg; Blephasol lotion and Blephaclean wipes (Spectrum Thea), Supranettes (Alcon) and Ocusoft (Scope) which make the process much simpler.

Warm compresses can be used: Soak a face cloth in warm water (as warm as your eyelids can stand) Apply the face cloth to your eyelids for 5 – 10 mins. You may have to reheat the face cloth.

This can be done before cleaning with a cotton bud or wipes as it makes the crusts easier to remove. Lid hygiene should be performed at least once a day. Once stopped the blepharitis will return.

Some companies supply heated masks such as the “Eyebag”.

Or view the full range of blepharitis care from “BlephaCura”.

Occasionally it may require treatment with antibiotics.
Acne Rosacea is an associated condition resulting in blepharitis and a facial rash , classically across the cheeks and nose.

Most patients with blepharitis often have dry eyes. This combination can lead to recurrent conjunctivitis.